Nurture Pediatrics Is Now Offering Telehealth   

Provider Links for Telehealth visit:

Click on the link below for the provider you are scheduled with at the time of your visit.

You may have a brief wait. Providers are working in the clinic as well so they will log in when they are available.

Dr Langone
Dr Bottoms

Dr Haselton
Dr Fuller
Dr Lefevre 



Many health insurance companies have raised previous restrictions on telemedicine services and are now allowing providers to see their patients remotely in order to decrease the risk of exposure to other illnesses

  Step by Step Process

1) Call our office to schedule your appointment.  

2) If appointment is compatible with telehealth (examples of these visits listed below), you will be scheduled as a telemedicine visit. (You always have the option of coming in to the clinic)

3) Insurance will be verified while you are on the phone call

4) During the call you will be given the web address to log into for your visit with the provider you are assigned to - please write this down, or you can click on the link above. We are using the site that can be used on mobile browsers or on Firefox or Google Chrome.  

5) At the time of your visit, enter the web address into your device , or click on the link above (allow the site to access your camera and microphone) and you will be entered into the waiting room on the site.  When the provider is available , they will click on your name in the waiting room and you will be able to conduct your visit in the privacy of your home!


* If the provider feels telehealth is not adequate for the visit because of concerns, the visit will be ended and you will be scheduled with that provider to come in in person

** What you need for visits:(if not available, this is ok)

  1) your child 🙂

  2) a scale available for weights

  3) a thermometer

  4) a blood pressure cuff for your older child if you have one (for visits such as medicine checks)


This is a temporary service at this time. We can only do what your insurance companies allow. If your insurance provider does not cover the visits, you have the option of cash paying for the visits. 

The insurances that currently cover telemedicine are:

All TN Care policies - Amerigroup, UHC Americhoice, BlueCare, TN Care Select



United Healthcare



Visits compatible with telemedicine

  • ADHD medicine rechecks (make sure you have portal access for these visits to be able to have surveys filled out before visit)

  • Behavior Problems

  • Anxiety/Depression (make sure you have portal access for these visits to be able to have surveys filled out before visit)

  • Rashes

  • Newborn questions

  • Croup

  • Weight checks (if you have a scale available) and older than 2

  • Warts (if not desiring liquid nitrogen)

  • Contraception follow up

  • Pink eye if older than 2

We are excited to begin to offer this service to our patients!

We look forward to speaking with you.